Veerni Project

Acting upon self-interest in building strong future generations of women.

Meera partnered with Veerni foundation in 2007 to facilitate secondary education for 150+ underprivileged girl children of the urban poor from in and around Jodhpur city

Meera Sansthan provides the infrastructure i.e. School building, furniture, facilities, amenities and resources for extra curricular activities to Veerni foundation to operate a full time resident school with an in house canteen and medical facility. Many of our students are child brides, forced into illegal marriages by their own families, even today 56% of rural girls are married off well below the age of 18.


is one of the most backward states in India w.r.t. Human Development Index: female infanticide, female illiteracy, male to female ratio, child mortality, maternal death, domestic violence, child marriages, and gender specific abuse. These practices are imbedded in staunch patriarchal society, and it requires a much wider long-term policy level intervention to induce inclusive behavioural change in, what is even today mostly tribal culture. Veerni aims to empower girls through education, guidance, counselling and life-Iong handholding support through its privately funded free-of-cost quality education for a select handful; hundred or so.

The Veerni was founded in 1993 by Jacqueline de Chollet with the mission to educate and empower girls and women to lead a mentally, physically and psychologically healthy and productive lives free from poverty, coercion and disease. Veerni means a female leader, someone of strength and someone of great deeds and valour. Veerni sees secondary education as a priority and the most important catalyst to social change. Since 2005, the institute has grown from 39 girls in its first year to full capacity of 150 students, it has expanded its programs to include language, economics, mathematics, computer science, social science, sexual education, physical education, arts and crafts and much more.


and career on campus counselling is organised once a month, however the students are able to reach out to the experts as needed. In addition, regular health Check-ups are conducted and any required medical assistance provided free of cost. Veerni alumni have found successfully found employment in myriad of sectors and are financially independent, enable them to make best life choices for themselves. A number of students have enrolled into college, aspiring to become doctors, lawyers and teachers. More about Veerni (Link)

The institute is built on 2.5 acres of land in a calm and peaceful sitting amid hillocks and farming communities, in Chokhan village in Jodhpur district, 12 kms away from the main City connected by bus and private transport. The building itself occupies 0.5acres of land area, and the rest of the lands will be landscaped to a) grow organic vegetables for consumption, b) recycle waste water, c) yoga and meditation centre and (d) animal shelter. In essence creating an ideal peaceful environment to nurture body, mind and soul through a holistic approach to education.





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